How to Be Ridiculously Blessed

How to Be Ridiculously Blessed






To get we have to give. If we want to be blessed, then we bless others. If we want to be ridiculously blessed, then we need to get ready to dig deep.

We have to be brave. We have to be willing to look silly or awkward. Many times God will nudge us to get outside our box, but the idea of doing something unexpected or different causes a freeze up. Don’t worry about how you appear. Once I sent a simple note to a lady who I had barely spoken to before. She was much older than I, a fixture in the church I grew up in. I took a little blue flowered note card out of its package and wrote her. I told her how she encouraged me by always faithfully showing up. It may have been three lines, if that. The next time I saw her she cried and told me how she had been thinking of leaving the church.

Don’t ignore those nudges. They are there for a reason, of importance and significance.

Another time I got a message for someone I had briefly met the week before. Since I did not know her and had not even had a conversation of any substance with her, I was apprehensive about delivering this message but forged ahead. When I gave her the sheet of paper she grabbed me so hard she scared me. It was exactly what she needed to hear and her reaction demonstrated that fact. I asked her if it was all right to share the piece and she said yes. You can read it here.

Being allowed to deliver God’s personal love letters is one of the most exquisite blessings. It’s not something I am willing to give up. The risk of feeling silly is a small price to pay, and you know what? Never has anyone rejected a kind word. We are all at one time or another walking wounded in need of balm. It is our rightful blessing to claim the occupation of helper to our fellow travelers.

Be extravagant. Not necessarily with money, but with whatever is available. It could be money. Buy a struggling family Christmas. Oh, now THAT is something that will bless all parties involved. If money is lacking, there are other ways to over-the-top bless someone. Years ago during mom to toddlers days, my friend was having one of those hard, hard days. We talked on the phone for a long time, but it did not seem to help. I called my husband and had him come watch the kids while they napped. I wanted to surprise her with a delivery of something to cheer her. I brought her chocolate shakes. Yes, that is plural. One didn’t seem to be enough. Neither she nor I have forgotten my extravagant impulse to over-provide chocolate on that particular blues and laughter filled day.

Put some thought into it. There are things that hold special meaning to people in our lives. With a little thought, we know how to reach hearts. Yesterday my daughter made a bottle for her friend who is moving away. The idea of a message in a bottle (cue the waterworks) is special to them and holds particular memories. The bottle is stuffed with many affirming and precious notes written from my daughter to her friend. Just looking at this gift of love and care from one friend to another makes you want to  go grab a Kleenex, doesn’t it?

messages in a decorated bottle

There are so many ways to claim our blessings by being a blessing.

Do you have any ideas on how to be a ridiculous, brave, extravagant, thoughtful blessing today?

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  1. Ugh. You’ve encouraged me I need to do a brave thing today. ha. I have a friend that I need to call to find out about an upcoming surgery. I know it’s the right thing to do–and I really do want to do it–but making the call doesn’t come easy. But I’ll take your advice and just do it. Thanks, Donna.

    1. I know it’s hard sometimes, but being a blessing is such a wonderful thing to be. Praying for you and for your friend today.

  2. Donna, I “used” to write notes to many a person. I was always blessed as were they. It has been a long time since I felt that call but you encourage me to listen and know when He wants me to share a blessing.
    I loved writing those notes so.
    Visiting from Laura’s.
    Caring through Christ, ~ linda

  3. Sometimes I worry about looking silly…you have encouraged me to let those feelings pass! As you so wonderfully say, giving someone exactly what they need at just the right time far outweighs a brief moment of awkwardness.

    1. Isn’t it wonderful how God can use our most awkward efforts and make them grace-filled and edifying? Glad you stopped by, Laura. 🙂

  4. I love this post! My favorite quote: “Being allowed to deliver God’s personal love letters is one of the most exquisite blessings.” yes, yes, yes! When we are willing to outside our box, and press beyond our comfort zone to meet someone else’s need, God is able to use us in extraordinary ways! God bless!.

    1. Thanks, Letitia! Glad you liked this post.
      God can use our small efforts in to accomplish His extraordinary plans. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  5. Feeling inspired now to shower some love on a friend or two… we never know how much someone might need it, do we, in spite of how they sound on the surface!
    Loved the ideas here… glad we were neighbors over at #TellHisStory!

  6. Paying attention to those little promptings are so important. When people are praying for things, it’s usually through another person that God meets their needs. So when you get a weird idea to do something nice for someone, or an unusual feeling to do it, who knows? It may be God trying to use you to answer their prayer. Even if it isn’t, following a random thought to do something nice is still not going to hurt anyone.

  7. I’m your neighbor at #tellhissotry.
    I liked your personal stories about blessing others.
    It is so often the little comforts and thoughts and words that make a difference in a person’s life, but practicality and logic get in the way and I often hesitate.
    Too self-aware.
    I will remember your word of:
    “It is our rightful blessing to claim the occupation of helper to our fellow travelers”

    1. It doesn’t take much sometimes, does it? We never really know how much a small gesture can mean to another person.
      Thanks for stopping by, Leah.

  8. May we always heed the still, small voice urging us to encourage others in very specific ways as He directs us! Beautiful and inspiring post! Linked up with you at Friendship Friday — hope you’ll stop by Saved by Grace for a visit!
    God bless,

  9. Hi Donna! “Be extravagant.” How I love that line! You stepped out in faith, in response to a nudge that you could have easily pushed away. But what a joy you were in Christ! You give me a lot of courage to try and do the same when I feel prompted. I think I was a lot more gutsy in my youth…but I shouldn’t make this about my age.

    It’s all about God and His people. Thanks for the encouragement!
    From Faith and Fellowship Bloghop,

  10. This was so good to hear. I’ve felt those nudges before. Sometimes I obeyed. Other times I did not. I wonder now how many blessings I missed out on myself because I wasn’t willing to be a blessing. Thank you for sharing. Visiting from Grace and Truth Linkup.

  11. Great post Donna, thanks for sharing it at Good Morning Mondays. Thank you for the encouragement to bless others and to give as much as we can. I agree there are things that we can give without it costing us the earth. Money shouldn’t be a stumbling block when God asks us to bless someone. Blessings

  12. What great encouragement to step outside of myself. Thank you for your story, your words and your inspiration to be greater than my ordinary inclinations. Cheering you from the #RaRalinkup on Purposeful Faith.

  13. Hi. I found you on the coffee for the heart link up. I also shared your post on Twitter. I was just talking about this with a friend yesterday. I told her I believe God gives us more and more blessings when we recognize them as coming from him and when we sing his praises. God is not going to “ridiculously bless” people who do not acknowledge his presence in their lives. I’m happy to say, I have the “sight.” And I am abundantly, ridiculously blessed. Thank you for such a positive post! Blessings~

  14. I LOVE this post! I love the idea of being a messenger for God’s love letters! Thank you for sharing at Waiting on…Wednesday at While I’m Waiting! I hope you’ll be back this week!

    1. Her friend liked it, too. I’m not sure how many post-its she used, but it was such a sweet idea I didn’t mind if she used all I had.

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